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Boost Your Enterprise Customer Outreach with Texting via ContextSMS for Webex Premiering at WebexOne

Updated: 7 days ago

Enabling Enterprises to boost customer enagement and convenience with texting right from Webex

In today's ever-evolving digital ecosystem, customer engagement holds the key to business success. We've always been committed to offering you the best tools for communication, and this commitment brings us to a monumental occasion. We are delighted to announce the launch of Sabrhub’s ContextSMS for Webex!

An Unveiling at WebexOne: The Place Where Innovations Meet Real Faces

What better venue to introduce ContextSMS than at WebexOne? This groundbreaking conference serves as the epicenter of collaborative technology, and it's here that we unveil ContextSMS for Webex—a revolutionary application that integrates SMS-based customer service directly into your Webex platform.

ContextSMS + Webex: Synergy at Its Best

ContextSMS transcends being merely an add-on; it's an integration that bridges the gap between SMS's ease of use and Webex’s enterprise-grade capabilities. You no longer need to switch between various platforms to ensure seamless customer interaction. All your SMS-based communications are conveniently housed within Webex, streamlining your business processes like never before.

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Feature Highlights: A Fresh Take on SMS

Gone are the days of text-based customer service being clunky and impersonal. ContextSMS turns every text into a two-way conversation, providing a chatting experience that's as natural as an in-person dialogue. Engage with your customers in a more meaningful way, right within the Webex interface.

Multimedia Conversations: Rich Media Messaging

Your customer service should be as dynamic as your customers. ContextSMS’s Rich Media Messaging allows you to add layers of media like images and videos to your SMS, creating an immersive experience for your customer, all without leaving your Webex window.

Ensured Security with 10DLC Compliance

In today's digital age, security cannot be compromised. ContextSMS offers 10DLC compliance, guaranteeing that every message is secure and reliable, thereby fortifying the trust between your business and your customers.

A Texting Solution for Landlines Too!

ContextSMS is not just for your mobiles or enterprise apps. It revamps your fixed-line phone system, transforming them into an SMS-enabled service that ensures you don’t miss out on any customer interactions.

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Now Available on the Cisco Apphub

The excitement doesn’t end at the conference! You can extend the WebexOne experience by integrating ContextSMS via Cisco Apphub. This feature makes it easier than ever to integrate ContextSMS into your Webex environment, heralding a new era in customer engagement.

Mobile, Desktop, Anywhere

ContextSMS offers unparalleled flexibility through its mobile app. Whether you’re participating in WebexOne or working from a remote location, never let your customer interactions take a backseat.

Step into the Future at WebexOne

As we unveil ContextSMS for Webex at WebexOne, we invite you to step into the future of customer engagement. The integration is more than just a new feature—it's a promise for a better, more cohesive, and dynamic customer interaction. Start your free trial today and connect with us for pricing and subscription details.

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