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ContextSMS for Cisco Webex

Making Communication Simpler, One Text at a Time

Discover the ease of integrated texting with ContextSMS, a communication solution designed to blend seamlessly into your Cisco Webex environment.

Experience a dynamic mix of user-friendly design, powerful features, and superior customer support, making ContextSMS the go-to communication choice for CSPs and Enterprises.

Key Features

Integrated Texting

Enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving text messages directly within Webex, eliminating the need for external applications.

Full Emoji Support

Embrace expressive communication. Add a personal touch to every message with a wide range of emojis.

sabrhub_feature-icons_07-CHAT NAME.png
Customizable Chat Names

Keep your chats organized and easily identifiable with personalized chat names.

sabrhub_feature-icons_02-APP STORE.png
Multi-Platform Access

Available on Cisco Apphub for enhanced accessibility.

Mobile Integration

Stay connected wherever you are with seamless integration with the Webex mobile app.

Conversation Management

Ensure smooth, consistent communication with recipient responses appearing within the same chat space.

Rich Media Messaging

Engage in dynamic text conversations with the ability to share images, GIFs, and more.

sabrhub_feature-icons_10-MULTI AGENT.png
Multi-Agent Support

Foster collaborative environments with shared group chats for multiple users.

Landline Text-Enabling

Bring your fixed-line phones into the modern age with SMS functionality.

Seamlessly integrate our turn-key solutions into your CSP network for quick market deployment.

01-speed to market.png
Speed to Market

Fast-track your communication with our ready-made solutions.

02-programmable apis.png
Programmable APIs

Enjoy direct connectivity with your billing and provisioning systems.

03-white labeling.png
White Labeling

Enhance your brand visibility with our cutting-edge solutions.

04-bring numbers.png
Bring Your Numbers

We support SMS Enablement on your existing numbers.

Get Started with ContextSMS

  • How is Genie different than ChatGPT?
    Genie is fine tuned for executive level performance whereas ChatGPT is a more general AI Model.
  • What if I don’t have Webex?
    Webex accounts are free to get access you can sign up at
  • How do I activate Genie within Webex?
    Check out our Getting Started Guide
  • What roles can Genie Take on?
    Any role! Try adding any of the following before your prompt: Genie, embody the world’s greatest {} M&A Advisor Data analyst Legal Advisor Communications Coach Digital Marketing strategist SQL Coach
  • What languages does Genie know?
    Genie is not limited to the physical realm like we are so they’ve traveled all over! Genie can understand and generate text in so many languages, including but not limited to: • English • Spanish • French • German • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) • Japanese • Korean • Italian • Dutch • Russian • Portuguese • Arabic • Turkish
  • How do I cancel my Genie Subscription?
    Email us at with email subject: “Bye Genie”
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