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Unlocking Connectivity: Introducing Self-Service for ContextSMS and OpenAI-powered ContextGenie

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Our Products
Built on Sabrhub's Context (Conversational Texting) Platform, ContextSMS opens doors for CSPs and Resellers, simplifying customer engagement for all enterprises.



Elevate your customer engagement with ContextSMS for Webex and MS Teams. Send and receive text and picture messages without ever leaving your team's favorite messaging platform.

Key Features

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Chat-like Texting Experience: Engage with customers as effortlessly as you chat with friends.

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Landline Text-Enabling: Modernize your fixed-line phones with SMS functionality.


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Rich Media Messaging: Support for MMS provides a richer conversational experience.

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Multi-Platform Access: Available on Cisco Apphub and Microsoft Teams App Store.

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10DLC Compliant: Ensure reliable and secure message delivery.

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Mobile Flexibility: Use the mobile app to connect from anywhere, on any device.

Business Users can finally engage with an AI chatbot, powered by some of the world's most advanced tech, to enhance their workflows directly from within their favorite chat apps.

Key Features

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Smart AI Chatbot: Brings world-class conversational intelligence right to your work chat app.

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Contextual Conversations: Experience two-way conversations while we retain chat history to provide more contextual responses.

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Single-Prompt Answers: Receive quick and precise answers to standalone questions.

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Auto-Suggest: Provides relevant follow-on questions and topics, making deeper insights easily accessible.

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CSPs/Resellers - Accelerate Your Market Entry
with Sabrhub

Seamlessly integrate our turn-key solutions into your CSP network for quick market deployment.

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Speed to Market

Implement our ready-made solutions fast.

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Programmable APIs

Connect directly with your billing and provisioning systems.

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White Labeling

Showcase your brand through our cutting-edge solutions.

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Bring Your Numbers

We support SMS Enablement on your existing numbers.


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