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Press Release: ContextGenie Delivers AI-Powered Productivity Tool by OpenAI with Webex by Cisco

Updated: Apr 9

ContextGenie for Webex enhances productivity with AI technology

ContextGenie Powered by AI

AUSTIN, TX – April 8, 2024 — Sabrhub, a leader in communications and AI solutions, today announced its partnership with Webex by Cisco, a leading provider of collaboration technologies powering hybrid work, to deliver the OpenAI-powered ContextGenie App (Genie). Genie is an AI tool designed to revolutionize workflows and enhance productivity for Webex users. Genie supercharges its users, creating contextually relevant and coherent content in seconds.

“We are thrilled to introduce the ContextGenie AI App to the Webex App Hub,” says Sabeeh Hameed, CEO & Founder, Sabrhub. “This initiative will redefine how knowledge workers create and collaborate, enabling them to turn their ideas into action with speed and precision. With Genie, we’re bringing over 13 million Webex users democratized access to AI technology.”

Key Features Include

Strategic Insight AI

Genie transcends chatbot status, serving as your AI strategic advisor. It provides essential insights for business, technology, and strategic decisions, offering actionable intelligence to improve decision-making processes via long contextual conversations.

Content Creation Engine

Revolutionize how you create content. Genie instantly crafts high-quality, coherent, and contextually relevant text within moments. Draft articles, reports, emails, and marketing content effortlessly, saving significant time and effort.

Genie Vision

Transform your workflow with innovative image analysis and data extraction technology. Simply upload an image to gain deep insights and feedback instantly.

Intelligent Exploration

With Genie's smart suggestions, delve deeper into any subject. Genie’s AI tool proposes follow-up questions and topics, arming you with the insights needed to stay ahead.


Genie is not just changing how we work; it's redefining who can excel in the knowledge economy. Small businesses and large enterprises alike can leverage this technology to compete on a larger stage, breaking down barriers that once limited their potential.


Around the world, skilled professionals spend valuable hours on daily tasks such as emails, presentations, reports, and other content. Genie simplifies these routines by conveniently drafting, analyzing, and responding to text and image inputs with speed and precision, all from the Webex platform. With conversational interactions, Genie can be adapted to individual writing styles and tones, transforming productivity, and freeing up valuable time to be spent on key business drivers.


“In my role as a senior marketing professional in big tech, Genie has been a game-changer,” a private beta tester says. “It kickstarts my brainstorming process, quickly generates customer talking points, and accelerates decision-making with stakeholders, allowing me to dedicate more time to my customers. Also, where Google searches lack context, Genie can generate contextually relevant content specific to my circumstances. It’s been saving me around 2-3 hours per day. Genie’s ability to seamlessly connect topics ensures that I approach senior leadership meetings prepped with a comprehensive and informed perspective, making sure we can get to customer impact sooner rather than later.”


This collaborative effort between Sabrhub and Cisco underscores a unified goal to elevate businesses small and large through the Webex ecosystem and integration of AI technology. With Genie's introduction to Webex, users will experience a seamless workflow enhancement, enabling them to concentrate on more strategic tasks without the interference of routine distractions.



ContextGenie is now available on the Webex App Hub. For more information, visit


Sabrhub extends an invitation to resellers and ecosystem channel partners to join in distributing this innovative tool, offering white-labeled solutions to market ContextGenie and ContextSMS under their own brands. Contact for more info.

About Sabrhub

Sabrhub is all about transforming your work life into a smoother and smarter experience. Think of us as the bridge builders in the digital world, connecting businesses with customers through easy texting via ContextSMS (now on Webex and Microsoft Teams) and supercharging knowledge workers with ContextGenie, creating contextually relevant and coherent content in seconds. Our goal? To cut through the clutter and make sure technology really serves you, helping you get more done with less fuss. It's not just about fancy tools; it's about making your day-to-day easier and opening new possibilities for how we all work and connect. Our turn-key solutions easily make us the premier partner for Resellers and Channel CSPs focused on digital transformation and speed-to-market.

About Webex by Cisco

Webex is a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration solutions, encompassing video meetings, calling, messaging, events, and customer experience solutions such as contact center services and purpose-built collaboration devices. At Webex, our approach prioritizes people and their experiences. We are committed to delivering inclusive collaboration experiences, driving innovation through the integration of AI and Machine Learning to overcome geographical, linguistic, personal, and technological barriers. Our solutions are founded upon principles of security and privacy by design. Collaborating seamlessly with the world's premier business and productivity applications, Webex offers a unified experience through a single application and interface. For further information, visit



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